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Takefumi Aida is a Japanese architect and theorist. He questioned the tenets of the Modern Movement relating to form and function. He is mostly known for his designs of so-called ‘Toy Block’ houses, composed of simple block-like elements. 

Aida is a founder-member of the counter-Metabolist group ArchiteXt (1971), which was opposed to the incipient totalitarianism of Modernism (and especially Metabolism), the group (based on the journal of the same name) promoted contradiction, discontinuity, individualism, and pluralism.

Takefumi Aida. GA Houses. 4 1978: 86 - 87 - 88 - 89 | RNDRD

Image 1: Annihilation House 1972

Image 2: Nirvana House 1972

Image 3: Die House 1974

Image 4: Stepped - platform House 1976

it’s so hard not to print these out and make them

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Elster-Saale Canal Lock
unfinished since 1942

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Images of Victory City


imageIf you haven’t heard of Victory City before, it could be described as a kind of hobbyist’s architectural and urban utopia, a life-time project by an Ohio businessman Orville Simpson II, who without formal training began drafting a concept of an ideal city and of course such effort required him to illustrate the plans. Without going into the details of the utopia or its position on the modernism axis, here’s instead a collage of some of his original sketches.

There’s this kind of discourse on art without artists (and sometimes also architecture without architects), but it’s not entirely obvious how to position these drawings. And yet, these images have a distinct aesthetics that seems somehow cool at this moment (some contemporary practices also come to my mind). And at least in the image-heavy mindset of showcasing architecture on Tumblr, they stand on their own.

Of the images I’m only including a citation-like snippet here. See an entire pictorial tour of Victory City here.

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Paper constructions.  See more here.

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Paper constructions.  See more here.

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The still-contemporary French pavilion by architect Guillaume Gillet at the 1958 Exposition Universelle in Brussels.

(A link to a virtual Gillet exhibition - en français)


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Kappa Senoo - “Kappa Peeps…”

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Pink Floyd - Live in Venice, 1989

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Classic Chinese Ancient Buildings 
Cutaways Li Ganlang [via]

"Li Ganlang 2005 onwards started drawing, anatomical drawings to show the Chinese construction Shi Jingdian construction law, showing Chinese cultural characteristics of various buildings, covered wood constitutive temples, pavilions, towers, gates, caves, bridges, houses and so on five Shiyu Zuo building. By Yuan-Liou Publishing Company."

(Source: archatlas, via archisketchbook)

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House Komazawa Park | miCo Japan. 2011.

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Darkness on the edge of town, Amanda Friedman

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Procedurally generated architecture by a game developer named Cedric, built using Unity. Cedric describes himself as an “indie game dev focused on social AI, emergent narrative and procedural worlds.”

Bonus spinning procedural tree house at the bottom.



monfort théâtre version mju on Flickr.claude parent architecte

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monfort théâtre version mju on Flickr.

claude parent architecte


by cire_k 1:1 Details #architecture#details#usyd#fullscale#keen#architectureschool#thehearth#construction#drawing#vscocam

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by cire_k 1:1 Details #architecture#details#usyd#fullscale#keen#architectureschool#thehearth#construction#drawing#vscocam

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