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How small? How vast? How architecture grows? / Junya Ishigami

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miCo - Komazawa Park house renovation, Tokyo 2010. Via, photos (C) Koichi Torimura.


Oskar Nitzchke, Maison de publicité, Paris, 1934-36

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Oskar Nitzchke, Maison de publicité, Paris, 1934-36

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Black Tent Theatre

Founded in Japan in 1968 through the merger of three dramatic groups, the company took its name as the actors used to perform all over Japan inside a large mobile black tent, carried by two trucks. The assembly was made using the same trucks as a supporting structure for the textile. Images by Kappa Senoo illustrate the ingenious mechanism used to deploy the tent and set up the theatre.

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habitat 67 content aware

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habitat 67 content aware

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Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew Gardens, London



(via PAPERMAG: Adrian Tomine’s Wonderful New York Drawings)

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Back to the Future map, “Paths of the Future” - prints for sale at g1988! 

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Back to the Future map, “Paths of the Future” - prints for sale at g1988

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Shadow Patterns | Callum Russell | Socks Studio

Callum Russell is a London-based artist who works on hand-cut paper illustrations. His images are characterized by strong contrasts and large shadows areas which design patterns and textures. The subject are usually street scenes, interior of train stations and bridges with silhouettes of passers-by merging in the building shadows. The refined technique produces images which look somehow out-of-time which may echo far away styles and aesthetics like that of Frank Miller comics or of traditional Japanese woodblock printing.

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makoko floating school. nle architects. lagos, nigeria. images (c) nle architects & iwan baan via

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Hello, New York by Julia Rothman

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Sleepy Town by Lili des Bellons

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Monument Valley is Out Today!

Written by Elliott Finn

Remember that stunning, Escher-inspired puzzle game for iOS that you saw the trailer for a few months ago? Well, you can play it right now!

(Click here for the full article)

So excited to play this but I think it would be wasted on my iPhone 4. Can I borrow an iPad?

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Quinta Monroy Housing by Elemental

In 2003 the Chilean government commissioned the Elemental to create housing for a community of nearly one hundred low-income households on a 1.25-acre site in central Iquique, a desert city in northern Chile with a population of 200,000. The budget consisted of $7,500 per unit for land, infrastructure, and building.

Elemental developed a variation on the traditional row house in which each unit consists of one built segment flanked by an empty area of equal size—a building type that can be inhabited immediately and also incorporate significant change over time. Over a period of nine months, ninety-three basic reinforced-concrete units were built. Each was equipped with the barest of basics: plumbing but no fittings for kitchen and bathroom, an access stair, and openings for doorways. Once the modular outlines were completed, residents moved in and began finishing and customising their spaces at their own expense and at a pace that their incomes allowed, adding colour, texture, and vitality. Living space in completed Quinta Monroy Housing units is more than double—roughly 750 square feet—what the original tiny budget could fund.


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